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The Pilot International Foundation was established in 1975 to support the community-based work of Pilot Clubs by promoting the awareness and prevention of brain-related disorders, and improving the lives of those affected by such disorders, through education, volunteerism, financial support and research.

Grant Programs:
PIF's Matching Grant Program has disbursed over $1,100,000 since its inception in 1977. The children and adults mentioned above are but a few of the many benefitting from Pilot Club projects which received grants from PIF. Through the matching grant program, PIF has been able to help thousands of individuals become active, productive citizens for the next century, and help keep active many who have been important contributors to this century.

Pilot Club-sponsored Emergency Response Projects, through which the housebound elderly and medically frail can obtain personal 911 alert equipment at a greatly reduced rate, are also eligible for grants from the Foundation.

PIF also solicits proposals for occasional research grants from scientists in the brain-related disorders field. Recent recipients of $25,000 grants have included the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Institute for Alzheimer's Research, and Dr. Hirofumi Nakase of Toranomon Hospital in Japan.

To learn more about the Pilot International Foundation's Grant Programs,please e-mail info@sspilotclub.org.

Scholarship Programs:
The Foundation's four Scholarship Programs support graduate and undergraduate students who will be working with those with disabilities, through the PIF, PIF/Lifeline, and Marie Newton Sepia Memorial Scholarships. In addition, since 1949, the Ruby Newhall Memorial Scholarship has supported hundreds of international students in their quest for higher education in the United States or Canada. These students may be majoring in special education or speech pathology; they may be from the U.S. or The Gambia in Africa; they may be 19 or 42, but the one thing that students receiving a scholarship from PIF have in common is that they want to help others. Through contributions to these students' educations, Pilot is able to reach millions of needy people around the world.

Please contact info@sspilotclub.org for forms and more information.

Partnerships and Projects:
The Foundation is proud to support the work of other organizations involved in service to people with brain-related disorders, through financial contributions and the mobilization of 25,000 Pilot and Anchor volunteers. Among other projects, our members currently participate in:

Brain Awareness Week, a national campaign to raise awareness of the need for brain reseach, pearheaded by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. The National Organization Partnership Program of the National Organization on Disability, which promotes awareness of the needs of those with disabilities. For more information on any of these projects or organizations, please e-mail info@sspilotclub.org.

To accomplish our goals, the Pilot International Foundation relies on the generous support and contributions of the members and friends of Pilot International. Without our help, each year, dozens of students would not receive scholarships to pursue their goals, and thousands of those affected by brain-related disorders would go without the equipment they need for therapy.

The Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c(3) organization. Therefore, all contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.



We gratefully accept donations of any amount to help us with our cause.